Martinis & Motherhood


Back in December, an opportunity arose to submit a story for an upcoming motherhood anthology.

The timing was a bit tough, as we were right in the midst of our Kickstarter fundraising campaign, to the fund the second print of  “Clever Carter” books. (Which was a success, by the way ! Yay !) But, lucky for me, the submission deadline for the anthology wasn’t until February ! That gave me plenty of time to sort through the books and pack the Christmas stuff away, before turning my focus back to writing.

A few days and a million interruptions later, I was done! I submitted my story (in the eleventh hour, of course) for their evaluation.

Then came the wait.

I don’t recall exactly how long the wait was, probably a couple of weeks, but I would describe it as a sort of “eternity.” It was like I was waiting for the acceptance letter from my favourite post-secondary school. Sweaty palms and anxiety; the anticipation was killing me !

Well, not literally. But a little bit.

FINALLY in March, I received notification that my story had been accepted into their “Woe” category! (Bet you didn’t see that one coming.) 😉

This awesome anthology is jam packed full of hilarity and “Aww” mommy moments, that will have you wiping tears away while you sip your martini. Yes, the book also includes martini recipes !Martinis book cover

It will be THE book to discuss at your next book club meeting or “girls night in” and it’s available TODAY !

Martinis & Motherhood: Tales of Wonder, Woe and WTF?!” is an anthology and martini recipe book, in one! “These tales of Wonder, Woe and WTF?! Share a little glimpse into the lives of other moms, who are a lot like you. Through their tales, we’re reminded to savour the little things (like capturing extra morning snuggles), to let go of the stresses (they won’t be in that unfortunate phase forever), and to be grateful for the laughs that the unexpected brings (because laughing is better than crying and it may be the only workout our abs get!).”

“So shake up an easy-to-make martini, put your feet up (quickly, before the kids find you) and join us on our journey as we toast to the many clink-worthy moments that motherhood brings.”

Martinis & Motherhood: Tales of Wonder, Woe & WTF?! is now available on Amazon (CanadaUSAUK and more) in print and Kindle version. * Note, Canadians who’d like to buy the print version of the book will need to order from as it is not yet available on

To read about the WONDER contributors, click here, the WOE contributors, click here, and the WTF!? contributors, click here.

Or you can follow the links below.

Did I mention that I’m a “WOE” contributor ? 😉

Cheers Everyone ! 🙂


Wonder Contributors Lynn Morrison ,Angila Peters ,Magnolia Ripkin ,Louise Gleeson ,Jocelyn Pihlaja ,Alison Huff ,Leigh-Mary Barone Hoffmann ,Shannon Drury ,Patricia Mirchandani ,Lauren Stevens ,Cordelia Newlin de Rojas ,Sarah Deveau

Woe Contributors Shannon Day ,Tara Wilson ,Vicki Lesage ,Abby the Writer ,Brooke Takhar ,Kate Parlin ,Christina Antus ,Jennifer Baird-Dean ,Sara Park ,Tamara Schroeder ,Kristen Hansen Brakeman ,Lori Lu Green LeRoy ,Carolyn Mackenzie Global’s Carolyn Mackenzie on FB

WTF?! Contributors Susanne Kerns ,Sarah Halsall del Rio ,Lisa Webb ,Jessica D’Andrea Kapp ,Kim McDonald ,Lisa Carmody Doiron ,Olga Mecking ,Holly Rust ,Kathryn Leehane ,Jill Hudkins Robbins ,Kristine Laco ,Andrea Mulder-Slater