A Day Of Birth

Wishing my favourite boy the happiest of Birthday’s today !


It’s always a hard time for Mommy, when your birthday comes around.

I wish I could just keep you little forever, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet !

For my own selfish reasons, I ache for you to have the material aspects of a birthday.
A “traditional” celebration with cake, presents, a party and guests.

But because of your special diet, you can’t eat the treats.
And you’ve never cared much for presents or elaborate Pinterest parties.

Sometimes we get lost in the superficial parts of a birthday, and forget what we are supposed to be celebrating, a day of birth.

You are more than happy with a free iPad game, time with your family, and a cuddle in my lap.

Simple things have always been enough for you, and so, they will also be enough for me.

Carter, I wish that you will always be as happy as you are today.

That you will continue to love, unconditionally with your whole heart.

That you will always be confident and true to who you really are.

That you will always be THIS kind, and THIS caring, and THIS honest.

Happy 8th Birthday to the sweetest boy, with the purest heart and the most contagious laugh.

I love you to bits !!

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