“To vaccinate or not”


Here I am, new to the blogging world, and I am about to blog about the dreaded vaccination debate.

People often ask my opinion on vaccinations, so here it is.

These are the facts.

I have three children. image
One of them is vaccinated, and two of them are not.
One of my kids is on the Autism spectrum, and he is the one that is vaccinated.

Now hold on a second there before you go reading into my words !
I am in no way saying that his vaccinations caused his Autism.
It just so happens he is vaccinated and has been diagnosed with Autism.

If you were to ask me whether I think his vaccinations led to his Autism, my answer will be “I do not know.”

I DO believe that his vaccinations along with other factors *may have* played a role in his Autism, but that is my own personal theory, because I have no way of proving it.
Any of it.

NO ONE can prove ANYTHING.

As of today, there is NO KNOWN cause for Autism.
It is believed that genetics play a role and/or environmental factors.

If you Google the word “Autism”, you are likely to come across information indicating a possible link to vaccinations.
Our googling of Autism, led us to various resources of vaccination information.
Whether that information is 100% accurate or not, it doesn’t matter.
It was enough for us to question it.

When further researching vaccinations, Autism aside, we found information we weren’t completely comfortable with.
So, for that reason, we decided not to vaccinate our other children.

That’s where our “opinion” stands.

Usually, I am not one to publicly express my vaccination opinion, because there will always be that one person whose comment takes a condescending tone and turns the discussion into an ugly debate.
The tone that implies you are an imbecile if your opinion differs from theirs in any way.
Like they have done more research than any person EVER BEFORE and they have ALL the answers.

And to that person, I say….don’t.

Did you do all your own research and talk to various medical professionals before making your vaccination decision ?
I’m sure you did.

So, can we just assume that everyone did ? Please.

There is no need to insult each others intelligence and assume they’re uneducated in their decision.

If you really want to help them, encourage them to do their own research, and come to their own conclusions.

We have a right to make the decisions we see fit for our own families, and parenting is hard enough without a judgy mcjudgerson making us feel bad about our choices every step of the way.

It does not matter if our decisions reflect your own.

How about we just band together as parents and assume we are all doing the best we can with the information we have at hand.

There is no right or wrong here.

Unless you decide not to vaccinate, or you decide that you will.

‘Cause most likely whatever decision you make, you will be making the WRONG decision.

Let’s face it here folks, our kids will probably grow up to be dysfunctional adults either way.  😉


6 thoughts on ““To vaccinate or not”

  1. Love this post. I also believe that immunization pushed us over the edge with issues one of my children has. We delayed the process for over a year then proceeded with caution then, well, it is what it is. I say choose the best option for you and your family as that is the only way we each will do well as parents

  2. That was about the Gentlest Way to say it hun. There should Never have to be a Debate, over
    whether to Vaccinate Or Not to Vaccinate! It’s the Parents Right to Make that Decision for THEIR Child, and THEIR Child Only! Why Does this Topic have to get So Heated for People ? ? It just goes Round and Round, and Still you end up with No For Sure Answers………..So just Let it be Folks………( to each their Own ) I Completely Understand You ( Sara) Not wanting to Jump on the Bandwagon, when it comes to this Topic. ( As Dr.Phil always says, Pick your Battles Wisely)

  3. Well, my goodness Sara Park how did you come by all this wisdom!! I know you have always been very aware of life and to what it entails and throws your way!! I just have one question dear do they still not have vaccinations as you progress thru school, how will you be able to get around that!!!

  4. My first som was premature an very tiny. The public nurses pushed me to have him vaccinated. I told them to leave me alone. At that time quite a babies were dying of infant crib death. From what I could see they were all premature babies and underweight. I waited till my son was over 6 months. I was always told as long as I Breast fed my children they had my immunities. I had six children most did not get immunization until they became adults and could decide. They are all healthy and are having their own kids now.

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